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Driven with a Passion to Serve

For the past 175 years, The Washington County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) has served one of the four original counties in Oregon and has a rich history dating back to the early pioneer days of the Pacific Northwest. Watson Creative was tasked with designing and creating a strong web presence and brand identity that echoed their strong ideals, commitment to service and community, honor of wearing the badge, and goal of propelling their deputies into the 21st century.


WCSO came to Watson at a critical junction in time when over half of its force was at or near the age of retirement. This meant that recruitment was crucial to the continued expansion of the force serving Washington County in Oregon. Their previous site was complex and problematic with too much information. They needed a recruitment website that would attract new talent to the force.


Watson Creative’s approach to creating an optimized website first involved strategy workshop sessions to better understand the client. From there they were able to learn how to position WCSO as the premier law enforcement agency for prospective deputies in the NW and beyond. The Watson team employed captivating HD photography, dramatic color, and bold design to accomplish this.

Off-Duty and On-Duty Photography

In producing new imagery, our mission was to convey the modern deputy as human beings. They are your brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, and your neighbors who visit parks and recreate as much as you do. Our goal was to portray both the deputy on-duty as well as off-duty in a split-screen effect, enabling the visitor to imagine themselves as a potential deputy.

Designing a Brand Identity

Their extensive design incorporated many elements including custom icons representing various aspects of law enforcement, as well as infographics and animated effects.

Design elements from the site are carried through to print and other digital marketing items including promotional materials, printed posters, banners, and brochures.


WCSO’s website launched in October of 2018. Since its launch, WCSO has received an abundance of calls and applications from qualified candidates. Watson’s WCSO photography was shared on the police_usa Instagram account (189k followers) as well as several others. Watson Creative was the recipient of the 2019 Gold Hermes Award for Website Design.

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